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  FAQ: Do All Acupuncturists Use the Same Points to Treat the Same Condition?  
  No. Just as in Western medicine where the doctor can choose from many different drugs to treat one condition, the acupuncturist can choose from many different meridian points. Acupuncturists are all different in what they know or how they see. For example, acupuncturists use hundreds of points in their work today, but in the Ming Dynasty, the famous Ma-Don-Yang acupuncture used no more than 12 points in treatment, sometimes fewer. Some acupuncturists criticize this method, while others believe it is not just the number of needles used that is important, but also the type of stimulation used with the needles. It comes down to a difference in how they see. Each acupuncturist may choose a different set of meridian points for a particular condition, basing the choice upon his or her training and experience. This is not to say that one is better than another, for each will do his or her best for the patient.

Occasionally, more than one acupuncturist must be tried to get the best results. In difficult cases, up to four acupuncturists should be consulted before giving up. Some acupuncturists' methods and judgment will have more effect than others due to certain conditions, leading to some specialization. Eastern medicine, however, is not conducted in the Western sense of relying on one person to refer patients to a specialist for every condition.
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