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  FAQ: Can Acupuncture Help with Diet-Related Diseases?  
  Yes. Many conditions are at least in part related to diet. For some diseases, the acupuncturist may take suggestions for diet changes to help the condition. Diet has been of great importance in the traditional Chinese treatment for many conditions and diseases.

Many of my patients have asked me to write a diet book and to suggest a diet for their lifetime. I cannot. Why? Because thousands of years of tradition dictate that we never "write anything in stone", never make permanent suggestions. In ancient times in China, acupuncturists were often asked to treat the king, but he might get offended and kill us if we told him how to eat for the rest of his life, so we just suggested he change his diet until he was better. Now, we just make a recommendation to you until you are well again. More importantly, since every patient is different, diets must be prescribed individually.

Some general principles, however, are applicable to most people. For example, when I was a child my parents did not allow us to drink any water that was not boiled first. Usually we drank room temperature tea made from boiled water. Now CDC doctors suggest people with low immune systems, organ transplant recipients, and AIDS patients boil their water to reduce the strain of bacteria and parasites on their bodies. Also, our water systems contain many chemicals. Filtered room temperature water is best: hot or cold water can cause problems, such as weakening the tissue of the digestive tract, in the case of hot water, and making a hypothermic body even colder, in the case of cold water.
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