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  FAQ: What Training Is Needed to Become an Acupuncturist?  
  Traditionally, students worked directly with an individual teacher like an apprentice with a master; today, most acupuncturists go to an acupuncture school. In either case, the students must study basic science-including human anatomy and physiology-and the history of Chinese Traditional Medicine. They also study the history of the famous doctors. In addition, they must study diagnosis, prescription formulas, and specialties, such as internal conditions, external conditions, the effects of accidents, gynecology, eye problems, and other specific body systems.

It may be relatively easy to put needles in, but to know where the needles must be placed to produce the desired effect demands an understanding of acupuncture principles that can only be acquired through continuing education. The results of yesterday may not be enough for today; old diseases return and new ones appear.
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