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  Wai Tak Cheung: Does Acupuncture Fit in with Other Healing Methods?  
  Yes, all legal healing methods are useful. As a patient you must decide which healing art or combination of arts is best for you. The healing arts are like a tree. Chiropractic, osteopathy, internal medicine, surgery, nutrition, massage, naturopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture are the branches of that tree. The trunk is goodwill and open-mindedness. The lack of cooperation between these sciences is like a storm that has almost torn the branches from the trunk. In the future, the tree will be whole and strong, each part helping the other to produce the shade and fruit necessary to protect and nourish mankind. We must begin now to work toward the wholeness of our tree.

With combined efforts and cooperation between the fields, complicated conditions can be more readily treated. In the United States today, various healing arts use different theories in their practices, and often do not understand each other or communicate well. It is no wonder, then, that the patient is confused about which choice is best. In this office, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine may be used together or separately as each case requires. This results in a flexible, multi-referenced approach to both diagnosis and treatment.

We acupuncturists work with chronic conditions a great deal, particularly when the patient has not achieved relief from other kinds of treatment. For example, after hospital treatment, the victim of an automobile accident may appear fine, but soon develop chronic migraine headaches. The acupuncturist can help a great deal in a case like this, even working independently, but the patient would receive greater benefit by using the skills of a physical therapist or massage therapist as well. Too often a patient will limit treatment to use of a physical therapist or chiropractor. Sometimes a lack of understanding prevents him or her from seeing an acupuncturist or herbalist, who could actually speed the recovery.

In China, acupuncturists work alongside hospital staff; we understand which conditions we can help and which we cannot. At the very least, acupuncturists could help patients in any hospital by using their knowledge to help in bone-setting, by treating severe bleeding in emergency or operating rooms, in alleviating post?operative conditions, and for pain reduction and anesthesia. So far in the United States, acupuncturists are not allowed to practice in emergency rooms and only rarely have the opportunity to work with patients in hospital settings.

This is a great loss to patients; I hope it will soon be changed. I have many friends who are medical doctors that use acupuncture needles with their Western techniques; the combination works very well.
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