Shoulder Pain

"I am writing to express my surprise and pleasure with my acupuncture treatments. I was skeptical at first, but after my first few treatments the pain in my shoulder has decreased tremendously. It is so nice to be able to do the small things I use to take for granted. I actually look forward to future sessions.

"May I also add that I am impressed with your facilities. Courteous service and the quiet, soothing music and fountains are pleasant and I'm sure adds to the fact that my blood pressure has come down about 10 points.

"Thank you for taking care of us Vets and may you have success in your career."


Willilam (Bill) R. 11/2016


"I was having recurring bouts of bronchitis, taking antibiotics, coughing continuously and unable to break the cycle. Mr. Cheung treated me with acupuncture, breaking the cycle of infection and long-lasting coughing."

Millie (Salem, OR)


"I am an insulin pump wearer and have had diabetes for 25 years. By 1998, I was having severe low blood sugar reactions 3 to 4 times a year. That year I started taking an herbal remedy prescribed for me by David Cheung. Since 1999, I no longer have had the low blood sugar reactions that necessitated in calling 911. I have had low blood sugar reactions as low as 28 and am still able to function, feed myself, and take care of my diabetes. Also, cuts seem to heal much faster than they did before. All of this was not possible before I started taking the Chinese herbs. My life has improved dramatically since then."

Paul Dreyer (Oregon)

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

"I have had high blood pressure for at least ten years. I took a diuretic for several years and later changed to Atenoral and Lisinpril under a medical doctor's care. But my blood pressure remained high ranging from 180 to 190 over 90.

"After receiving acupuncture treatment for my legs, back, and foot pain, I mentioned my blood pressure to David (Cheung) and received acupuncture treatments for it. After the third treatment I was able to report that my blood pressure was considerably lower averaging 156 over 66, and at my last reading it was 132 over 66."

Ellen (Salem, OR - 8/15/01)

Restless Leg Syndrome

"Mr. Cheung has continued to treat me for other problems such as stiff neck pain, back pain and the most bothersome of all, restless leg syndrome. This has really helped to ease considerably the misery of waking up in the middle of the night, having to stomp around the house to promote circulation. It has enabled me to sleep through the night several times! Or at least made it easier to relieve the 'restless legs' so that I can more easily fall back to sleep."

Millie (Salem, OR)


"We began trying to have children when I was 33 years old. After 9 months of trying on our own with nothing happening we went to see my OB/GYN. He discovered that my progesterone levels were a little low so we did three cycles of artificial insemination with Clomid. None of those worked and I had some complications with the Clomid so we were given the choice of giving up and seeing what happened on our own or going to an infertility specialist. We chose the infertility specialist.

"The infertility specialist of course did all kinds of testing and discovered that my FSH level was a high (it was normally around 10; one month it was 17), meaning that I was pre-menopausal at the age of 35. We did approximately 6 more cycles of artificial insemination, only this time with the strong drugs of gonal-f, etc. I took the maximum dose of gonal-f (6 amps a day) and generally produced 2 to 3 eggs. The most I ever produced was 5. None of these cycles worked either.

"The doctor explained to us that since I was pre-menopausal and since my eggs were old and I couldn't produce many, that there was no point in doing in-vitro fertilization with my own eggs because I didn't produce enough eggs to even complete a cycle. He said that my chance of ever getting pregnant was less that 1% and my only hope was to do in-vitro fertilization with a donor egg. (I forgot to mention that my husband's sperm count was high and motility was a little low but within the normal range.) We decided to go ahead and try in-vitro fertilization with a donor egg. I was now 36 years old.

"We did the donor cycle and it failed. We were devastated. We recovered and tried again when I was 37 years old. I ended up pregnant but miscarried early on. By this time we had invested so much time, money and emotions in this we felt like we really couldn't continue. Mostly, it was just too painful emotionally.

"Meanwhile, about a year earlier (before the first donor cycle) my yoga teacher had recommended acupuncture and gave me the name of a great acupuncturist. She told me that this was how Yoko Ono had gotten pregnant in her mid 40's. While I had an open mind to it, I thought even if it worked it would take forever and I wanted the quick fix -- the donor egg. In the back of my mind, I really thought that nothing could help me -- I guess I didn't want to hope and be disappointed again.

"Well, when we gave up on the in-vitro fertilization cycles and were looking toward adoption, I decided to get that card out that my yoga teacher had given me and call Wai Tak Cheung, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NV). He said he had helped many women have babies and that he thought he could help me. I didn't really believe or disbelieve -- I just thought it was worth a try and if nothing else I'd probably end up healthier than when I started. I was trying to get back on track with my life, emotionally and physically. I also called Dr. Jin and the Oriental College of Medicine because I had been recommended to her by a friend. I went to see both doctors and Dr. Jin told me that I should continue to see Mr. Cheung because he was a good practitioner and she was very busy and she thought he might have more time to devote to me. So I continued to see Mr. Cheung.

"The first visit with Mr. Cheung he took my pulse, took my temperature, looked in my eyes and at my tongue and told me that I was low in iron and that my blood was stagnant. Not enough blood was getting to my ovaries and that was why I wasn't making good eggs. He also told me I was getting up there in age so we had to hurry!!! (I was 37, almost 38.) He put me on a diet of no sugar, no dairy and only organic and natural foods (not fun at all, but I was determined to follow the regimen). He also put both my husband and I on a regimen of chinese herbs that you make into a tea and drink twice a day. It was absolutely the most awful thing I have ever tasted -- it took all I had in me not to gag but we did it. That lasted about 30 days -- we were very releived when it was over. I also went to see him at least twice a week and he put needles in my back, my abdomen, my feet, my arms, my head and legs -- pretty much everywhere. This was not painful and he would use a burning herb to heat the needles and stimulate the area. It was actually quite relaxing and healing. My husband also went about twice a month to get a treatment. We both found it quite peaceful and relaxing but definitely different than any other doctor we'd ever been to. It was also a big committment to make all those appointments but I thought we had to give it our best try.

"I gradually started to feel better physically and emotionally and within four months I was pregnant!!!!! Absolutely amazing. I was actually pregnant in three months but found out I was pregnant in April, 2000 when I had started seeing Mr. Cheung in December, 1999. I was just about to turn 38 years old when I found out I was pregnant. It had been a solid four years of infertility treatment with western doctors and in three months with acupuncture I was pregnant! I still find it hard to believe. I continued to see Mr. Cheung and he monitored my pregnancy and in December, 2000 we had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Six months later I again found out I was pregnant again naturally and we are now expecting our second baby in February of 2002 when I will be 39 years old.

"Both my husband and I can't say enough about Mr. Cheung and his compassion and caring. Needless to say, we are also complete believers now in acupunture! It changed our lives completely and we can't put into words how grateful we are."

Matt and Tracie, Oregon